All products on the site are covered by manufacturer's warranty; This warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of receipt of the goods. However, there are exceptions in which the guarantee may be shorter or greater. Lithium batteries used to power lights high power, for example, have a guarantee limited to 6 months because considered expendable.

The guarantee applies to products that present lack of conformity and / or operation, not evident at the time of purchase.
They are not subject to warranty products subject to wear and / or deterioration such as, tires or wire brake pads, chains, cassettes, batteries etc. let alone grocery products, such as supplements and beverages.
The guarantee does not apply in cases of incorrect installation of the product, lack of maintenance, abuse or negligence, incorrect use and / or fraudulent product, the same alteration and unauthorized repair attempts.

The guarantee is personal, therefore applicable to the original purchaser. To qualify for repair / replacement of the product, the purchaser must show the receipt or a sales document released with the order, which has strictly tax value. In the absence of this document / receipt will not be able to make use of the guarantee.
Due to the rapid deterioration of the chemical paper used for the issuance of the receipt, Sportissimo Srl recommends the buyer to make several copies of it, so as to preserve the ability to meet warranty.

Any product repaired or replaced under warranty will in turn covered by warranty for a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original product.

Any repair costs for items not subject to warranty shall be communicated in advance to the buyer through email. The consumer can then decide whether to repair the item or whether it is received without the latter being adjusted. Shipping charges of return for items not subject to warranty are always paid by the buyer.
If you can not repair or replace the product Sportissimo Srl reserves the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value or a partial refund.
It is important to install, repair and use the product by following the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the product or involved in accidents. In case of warranty issues, please contact us



Sportissimo Srl will not be responsible for any damage caused by the fitting of a product received. Strongly advised to check the goods before giving it to your mechanic or to who will assemble the item (also make sure that it is competent persons). Please also read the warranty before installing or repairing a product (some manufacturers require qualified personnel). If the item is damaged or if the warranty is void Sportissimo Srl can not be held responsible.



The timing of repair / replacement of an object under warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore not possible to establish a time of warranty management. In the case of product warranty costs of shipment to the warehouse Sportissimo Srl are charged to the customer. The costs of return are borne by Sportissimo Srl

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