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The sale of e-bikes, also known as the sale of electric bicycles, is a growing trend in the cycling sector.

Increasing numbers of adults and youths are choosing this form of transport to travel to work, to school and to university, but also to do sport. In fact, one of the advantages of e-bikes is that they reduce the amount of physical effort required to tackle more demanding routes. Thanks to the use of electric bicycles, even those who aren’t particularly sporty or technically advanced can easily travel along any type of terrain or road. If you already practice cycling as a sport, you can use an e-bike to push yourself further and go on longer trips, also taking trails that would otherwise be off-limits for your level of physical preparation.

When we talk about e-bikes in Italy, we are referring to so-called assisted pedal cycles for which the law has laid down a speed limit of 25 km/h. In terms of technical specifications, to qualify as an e-bike the bicycle must have a battery and a motor which is kickstarted when the rider pedals, assisting the physical efforts of the cyclist without substituting them.

The e-bikes in our shop are chosen from among the leading brands in the sector on the basis of key characteristics such as the robustness of the frame, the quality of the components and, last but not least, the presence of technological innovations that improve the rider’s cycling experience. Without forgetting another aspect to which all cycling enthusiasts pay close attention: the stylishness and innovativeness of the design!

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