For the construction of this Tarmac we used a software of the aerospace industry, we re-designed the layup of the new FACT 12r carbon fiber frame and, also optimizing the profile of the pipes, we managed to file almost 200 grams. Yes, it's true, it represents a 20% reduction in the weight of the frame.
Aerodynamics is an essential factor if we want to make you go faster. Our goal was therefore to seek advantages in this sense, without compromising the lightness of the Tarmac. During the development period we discovered three areas where we could get results — a new fork profile, lowered vertical sheaths with an aerodynamic profile and a D-profile seatpost and seat post. The result is a bike that is about 45 seconds faster over a distance of 40km compared to other bikes of the same category.
The new Performance Road geometry is based on Retül data collection and input received from professional athletes and perfects the combination of a reactive front end with a short wheelbase, resulting in instant responses and optimal power transfer.
The seatpost has a bend programmed at the end of 120mm. We lowered the vertical rear sheaths, modified the column profile, and it is now possible to mount tires with a section up to 30mm.
Five hundred pieces of carbon that make up seven different frame sizes with the same riding quality - that's what Rider-First Engineered ™ is. Each frame has its own lay up schedule set for specific performance targets, thanks to the fiber orientation, the amount of material in specific areas and dedicated carbon quality.

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