The Creo SL is the lightest e-road bike - much lighter than other bikes in its class. The very light FACT 11r carbon fiber frame will make you dance on the pedals and dive to attack the curves.

The lightweight SL 1.1 engine will double your efforts thanks to 240 watts of assistance. The motor supply curve provides power perfectly in line with your normal cadence and not resistance if you pedal without assistance.

Battery anxiety? Not with the Creo SL. With up to 120 km of autonomy provided by the internal battery, the Creo SL 'devours' the long days in the saddle. The range extender is an option that gives you an extra 50 km of extra power.

Through our Mission Control app you can calibrate the SL 1.1 engine on your driving style, you can record your outputs and monitor the battery. The App can also manage the battery automatically, so that it lasts up to the end of your ride. The engine has a power meter that transmits data to any ANT + device. Don't want to connect? No problem - the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU) on the top tube gives you the control you need.

The Future Shock 2.0 cartridge reduces fatigue by making you go faster on the rough road background. The register on the stem allows you to activate or block it, the Smooth Boot improves the aesthetics for a smooth transition from the head tube to the stem.

We understand that there may be more differences between two males than between a male cyclist and a female cyclist. Gender alone is not enough to justify differentiation. It means that marking bikes 'for men' or 'for women' is an outdated idea. We have therefore developed a comfortable yet agile geometry for all cyclists.

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