The new Roubaix provides vibration absorption without compromising performance, thanks to the perfect mix of aerodynamics and lightness of its FACT 10r carbon fiber frame. The pipes created in our FreeFoil Shape Library and tested in the wind tunnel are as aerodynamic as those of the Tarmac SL6. The Rider-First Engineered ™ design ensures that every frame size has the same fabulous uphill responsiveness combined with the comfort you expect in a Roubaix. Finally we were able to further file the weight. To allow you to make your own 'Hell of the North' we have created the space to mount tires with a section up to 33mm.
To complete the new frame we have developed a brand new S-Works Pavé seat post, which absorbs vibrations and is aerodynamic at the same time, all without adding weight or strange devices. With the same D-shaped design used on the Tarmac, we increased the flexibility of the quill and developed a new design for the clamp, lower in the frame. This allows for a perfectly balanced rear comfort with the front end, so as to obtain a smooth and precise ride.
The new Future Shock 1.5 cartridge provides 20mm of travel, improves comfort, reduces fatigue and increases speed on challenging roads. The new Smooth Boot gasket improves aesthetics thanks to a smooth transition between the steering and the stem.

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